Friday, December 28, 2012

New Bedroom Linens

See, posting pictures makes
you realize how things really
look.  I'm not happy with the
"inner" curtains.
Another thing I'm noticing is
a distinct lack of color.  I'd
like to make a flame-stitch
pillow cover to rectify.
Here she is, the new bedroom look, featuring fresh sheets and duvet.  It is one of two duvets I bought, and one of two sheet sets I bought.  Both duvets are for the master bedroom, and one of the sheet sets is for my daughter's bedroom.  The other duvet is still in the mail, but will be featured soon.  The art on the walls is the latest in a rotating installation by my daughter - I rue the day I taught her to make a tape circle.

A nice duvet with a printed lace motif.
I went through the linen closet and got rid of bedding that were cast-offs from my in-laws.  They were married 55 years ago, and since they were raised in impoverished Nazi Germany, they never throw anything away, so you can imagine what they looked like for them to decide they had to go.  But, nothing is shabby enough for my husband!  Quite a bit came back with him from his trip to the donation center.  Oh my GAWD!

This is the duvet that it replaced.  It is currently soaking in a turquoise dye bath.  The curtains in the before picture make judging this photo unfair; I think they were made of fiberglass!  Nothing in these pictures was left untouched by me.  I silver leafed the side table and changed the hardware.  I repaired, painted, and replaced the hardware on the other side table.  I made the lamps and made the mirror.   I will need to do a whole post on the bedroom.  But, for now, I want you to weigh in on the bedding.  Whatcha think?



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