Sunday, December 30, 2012

2013: A Look Back, A Look Forward

I'm this much more tech
saavy than my 70-year
old mother
This blog started in 2011, with a grand total of one post.  My resolution last year this time, somewhat facetiously, was to double that post count.  Well, as this is my 123rd post, so I didn't just make my goal, I crushed it, people.  Goal, crushed!  Whoooooooot!  That feels good.  From this humble beginning, today, I have ten, ten!, followers, and I don't even think that one is my mom, because she still can't figure out how to comment on a post.  And I cannot help her, because I'm only thiiiiiissss much more tech saavy than she is.  Granted, one of my followers is my extremely cool blogging cousin, but the other nine just follow me for a reason other than familial loyalty!  Isn't that amazing?  I cannot believe that!  Thank you!

Ten, baby!  Boooyah!

Another goal that was trounced in 2012 was my business sales, which was not even envisioned one year ago.  So, from not even being imagined, I can now tell you that I have sales in the tens of dollars for 2012.  Guys, cancer cannot stop this freight train that is The Hard Way!  2013 is going to be the best year ever!  We have momentum.  I would love to be able to have this business take time away from my career, so that it becomes necessary to decide whether or not I should quit my job.  My God, I want to quit my job!  So that is the first goal for 2013.  Here are all of them, in no particular order:

Reverse the downward spiral that is my
Cow Harbor "performance".  Become a
close, personal friend of the Dalai Lama

  1. Have business sales increase by 1000% (that would be $4000 for those math-phobes)
  2. Be able to tell career to take a hike, or allow me freedom to instill love of learning on my terms, or at least set up groundwork for exit plan
  3. Travel more, and further (ie Europe)
  4. Do more random acts of kindness and become more appreciative of the things I do have.  (I'm aiming for 26 acts of kindness, one for each Newtown victim, which works out to just over two per month)
  5. Enjoy the wonderfulness that is my daughter
  6. Increase focus and audience of blog.  Redesign to look more professional
  7. Attend at least one miniature event
  8. Make this the year we attend the Radio City Music Hall Christmas Spectacular
  9. Heal, and then get back into amazing shape (okay, the word "back" doesn't belong in that sentence, but it makes me feel better to have there, so it stays)
  10. Set a new personal best at this year's Cow Harbor 10K
  11. Not have any more health problems!!!  Enough!
  12. Take more care and interest in my appearance (it would help if I was working with more than just eleven year olds).  I can't even get into this one on break, so I can't imagine how I think I'll be able to do it on the hectic school days, but it's a goal.
  13. Return every library book and DVD on time (not going to happen, but one can wish)
  14. Try, try, try to improve things with husband, or just figure out how to get out of this horrible situation (sorry, needs to be said)
  15. Have an extended family destination vacation.
  16. Make the beds every day
  17. Figure out a way to appreciate what I have, while still striving for things to be better (and send an instructive letter to the Dalai Lama explaining how this is to be achieved.  Win Nobel Peace Prize.)
Alright, it has veered off into fictional territory.  It's truly amazing how lofty AND banal my list is simultaneously.  Here's hoping everyone has a wonderful, dream come true 2013.


  1. Love your list. I hope that every last one comes true for you this year...even the Nobel Peace Prize when you get it all figured out. ;)

    Not that you asked my opinion (of course, I'm going to be pushy and give it anyway), but I was going to say that maybe #15 will help with #14, but looking back at your goals again, it seems working towards any/all of them might help get closer to #14. We can hope anyway.

    You're adorable and I love this whole post, it's definitely inspired me to do better this afternoon, so thank you.



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