Friday, April 12, 2013

Birthday Party Already Out-of-Control

The party is one month from today, and it has spiraled completely off the charts.  The pinata and the menu plan are done.  I am working on goody bags, the songs for the thank you gift CD*, and the stick-your-head-in-a-hole photo doohickey.  If anyone knows what those things are called, please let me know.  If they do not actually have a name, may I suggest "silly photo op sign" or "Holey Wall". 

As my last post mentioned, sometimes web searches take me places I never dreamed.  I never would have known that I needed a "Holey Wall", for instance, had I not looked up "Hello Kitty Party Ideas" and spotted this photo.  Nor, would I have ever known that I needed to make our pet mouse a costume for the party.  What's that?  You'd like to know what key words I typed in to learn about this party requirement?  Why, dress up, of course, and "princess costume" as an google image search.  Here's some pictures that caught my eye.  And, if you think the look on these cats faces says "I hate you" or "why do you torture me so?", imagine that same look on a mouse's face!  Wouldn't that just be hysterical?!  And, this would not be completely unchartered territory, as this Gary (of Sponge Bob fame) costume attests.  I know, just because someone else did it doesn't make it any less crazy.  But, we already ordered a pink exercise ball for Snowflake.  Doesn't it make sense that she dress for the occasion?

Now aren't you glad I didn't call BounceU?

*  To the parents of the attendees: yes, I do realize the language in the songs that Tootie Pie selected are not for young girls.  Not for the radio, either, for that matter, but there you are.  But, since she still sings "You, be a mess" instead of "You PMS" in Hot n' Cold (and, again, I realize that this is the second time we've placed this very song on our thank you CD) because PMS is just nonsense to her, just remember that I thought that a song was actually refering to skyrockets in flight on a certain afternoon.  "Like a bitch" is sung quite clearly, though, because, honestly, she's not stupid.  I apologize.



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