Monday, April 22, 2013

Goodie Bags, Sprinkle Six, and Prizes Done

Can we guess which one will
be set aside for the birthday girl?
(Hint: it's bigger)
She did a great job coloring these in and

We received the prizes, courtesy of Ebay, for Tootie Pie's birthday party in the mail today.  It fit in nicely with her Earth Day lessons, since it is "Reusing".  No sense in giving away new plastic trinkets encased in plastic, when someone wants to get rid of their old plastic trinkets, right?  The prizes will be selected from our Musical Chairs takeoff, called Musical Dress-Up.  We will pass around boas, tiaras, fairy wings, fur wraps, silly glasses and other goofy items, and when the music stops, the person holding the accessory will put it on.  In the end, the person wearing the least dress-up clothing will pick a Hello! Kitty prize.  We might have someone judge the most ridiculously dressed, as well, who will also pick a prize.  I guess the rest of the prizes will be selected in order from the next least items of clothing to the most.  The goodie bags will be filled by the party-goers from the pinata.  I sketched kitties and cut out the bows, and Tootie Pie colored in the eyes, nose and whiskers and glued on the bows. 

Obviously, the sprinkle six is to the right
on this picture.  The other six was a backup.
We also completed the sprinkle six.  I made rice crispie treats, rolled them into snakes, and formed the number six.  Then, I took white chocolate, melted it (the new microwave has a "melt" option which made this so easy!), drizzled it over the number, and then coated in sprinkles.  It is huge, so, if the party day is at all warm, it should be reduced to a dye-laden blob in under three minutes. 

I feel like we are pretty well on schedule here.  I will save the last week to make the cake, and on the day of the party I will create the flower-fruit-kabobs and make the lemonade, which will either be homemade, or, depending on how overwhelmed I feel, will simply be store bought with some lemon slices, or just juice boxes.  They'll probably prefer the juice boxes in the end.


  1. It is ALWAYS good to have a "back up 6!"
    As cute as it sounds, JUICE BOXES will save you much grief in the long run! Things get spilled and lemonade is sticky ! And most children are used to juice boxes, But take it from me, dripping cups put down where ever and then forgotten and then knocked over, is NOT how you want to remember this birthday party.




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