Sunday, April 21, 2013

Face in Hole Minus the Hole

Tootie Pie and her mouse (inside
ball).  She helped with the
glitterification on kitty.
The Face in Hole is completed.  If you are astute, you may have noticed the lack of a hole in the Face in Hole.  I forgot to put the hole into the Face in Hole!  So, now I am planning on having a dress-up area and the girls can have their picture taken with Hello! Kitty.  Maybe midway through the party I'll cut a hole, or maybe that would be like removing the face of a beloved and kind kitten - not the proper tone for a six-year-old's celebration.  Not sure.  I also made one finger food for the party and froze it.  I figure, if I make a few things a week, I'll be able to just reheat everything the day of.  Today's item was the carrot, apple and cheddar cheese puffs.  We split three amongst ourselves today and they were yummy.  And the best part is, when I take them out of the freezer before the party, I will have forgotten what I made, and it will be a surprise again!


  1. Tootie Pie looks like a Cutie Pie! The birthday party sounds like it will be a lot of fun and the little finger foods a good idea. I vote, don't cut out Hello Kitty's face, just take a picture of the girls beside it, under it, or over it and then use it latter for play time or in Tootie Pie's room. So much work has gone into it. Are the little girls also supposed to dress up like Hello Kitty?
    Your little finger foods sound really yummy. Happy birthday to your daughter, she looks like a happy and much loved child!


  2. Lovely party idea mom! Hello kitty is a wonderful theme for the girls. I think little chair and pictures next to hello kitty will be sweet.

    Have a wonderful day!

  3. what a fun party it will be! My work friend loves Hello Kitty...this almost makes me wish I were 6 years old again..but then I'd have to find someone to take care of me.



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