Saturday, February 9, 2013

My Blizzard Tale

Trying to get air
A cross between sledding an
As far as blizzards go, this one could not have been better timed.  Well, it could have happened on a Tuesday morning and gotten me out of work, but since we already had four days during SuperStorm Sandy, that wasn't going happen.  So, the blizzard of 2013 had the good sense to start late Friday evening, snow all night, and allow children and parents to wake to a healthy dose of snow on a crystal clear morning.  Great day to go sledding, thought everyone.  The park in my neighborhood was literally mobbed with sledders.  The main sledding hill was a complete free-for-all, with crashes, hit and runs, pile ups, and typical New York craziness.  There were more sledders heading down the slope that leads from the park to the street, with the iron fence preventing the winter revelers from sliding into the boulevard.  It was fun.  We planned to meet a friend from school there, and ran into two other friends.  We spent close to four hours on the slopes.  In between, we explored the awesome igloo that someone expertly built, made snow castles with our beach pails and shovels, and made snow angels.  I'm wiped.

 I am old enough to remember the Blizzard of '78.  I remember the news coverage of motorists stranded on the freeway.  I walked to the grocery store with my father and saw an antennae sticking out of the snow; we were treading over a buried car.  And I'll never forget the plowed piles of snow by the local church on which we dreamed of playing King of the Mountain.  At the time, they seemed ten feet tall and perhaps they really were.  Snow brings out the kid in all of us, though.  I saw three full grown people pigpile face down onto a toboggan today.  Spirits were high even if the temperature wasn't.  It was a good day.  It was a good blizzard.


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