Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Where's My Chair? And Call of the Small's? Where's Hers?

Did I miss it?  Mini*Aesthetics got an email regarding her DWR champagne cork chair.  I didn't get an email.  Call of the Small, did you?

And, I don't see my chair, nor that of Call of the Small, on the entry page, either.  What gives?  I didn't expect to win, certainly, but I did expect some sort of "Participant" recognition.  Am I missing something, DWR?  I want to see my chair on the DWR page, so I can brag that I have a design that is currently on the DWR website!  C'mon!


  1. L, we so think alike! A small correction, the only reason why I knew about the winners is because I kept checking the website and their blog, Design Notes incessantly on Jan 28. I didn't see the results, short post on their blog until the next day so it must have gone up sometime late west coast time. Also, each time I checked the site the gallery portion showing ALL the entries was not loading. In fact I haven't seen my chair since the day after I submitted the entry. I promptly took my screen shots 'cause I wasn't too sure how long it would remain posted. I considered doing the same for our blogger friends ( I did see call-small's entry and I think Mini Dork's as well) but alas, I was lazy and did not do any more screen captures. Sorry, big miss!

    I had hoped for some real participant recognition as well but then (embarrassingly) wondered if I had been expecting too much. I promptly wrote the post announcing the winners to lament my own disappointment. So you can see how much I appreciate this post. Oh well, such are the perils for us newbies, huh?

    Thanks for the link. It was much appreciated!



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