Friday, February 8, 2013

Printed Rugs Are Not WaterProof

In the first picture, you will see the bathtub filled with water and undies on the floor.  Tootie Pie was playing with the dollhouse alone, and I love when that happens.  I guess I didn't even notice her filling the tub.  A Critter took a bath. 

Since I haven't made any bath towels, Tootie Pie pulled up the kitchen rug and wrapped the dripping wet Critter in it.  Then she talked about smearing:  "It's smearing because it's wet, right, Mom?".  That got my attention.  See second picture.
One step forward, two steps back.  Maybe I'll Scotch Guard my next printed rug.  


  1. At least she left your bathtub place ;P I used to have to go hunting in my daughters room for things "I misplaced" now I just make 2 of everything ;P

  2. oh noes tootie pie :( I have no tootie pie but I do have kitty pie - who can be quite destructive!



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