Sunday, February 10, 2013

Spider Plant - Another Idea Borrowed and Modified

Less severe spider plant
My Billy Idol
There is a whole world of mini tutorials out there in other languages.  Somehow or other, I ended up spotting a different technique for making a spider plant.  You may recall that my original attempt at spider plants were made from plastic, and rather than curling downwards, they stick straight up like Einstein's hair, which is really unfortunate because I used the head vase to plant it in.  So, it looks more like a punk rocker than a spider plant in a Wiinblad vase.  craftland minis und anderes set me on a new path.  There was another blogger that went hog wild with masking tape and wire, and I took one look at it and thought, cool, but, no.  Too hard.  Craftland's seemed just right.

Craftland has a document that I copied the image from and pasted into Word, but then, after doing a bit of Google translating, I realized I was supposed to print the PDF front to back, so that the leaf design would show on both sides.  Never mind, I just painted the back of my printout, and saved paper as well, since I printed a few other goodies on one sheet.  I cut it out, glued it, shaped it, and Presto!  A new plant.  Oh, and even the camera cooperated allowing my to take these photos.  Thank you, Craftland and camera.


  1. Oh I like easy! This is a great one thanks for sharing! xx

  2. thanks, I planned on making some plants but not anytime soon..sherree posted her how too books on is a link

    1. Wow! I'll file that under "hard things to try when I have oodles of time". Very cool, but way too time consuming for me right now.

  3. That spider plant looks great, but I am a fan of your punk rocking spider plant too :D



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