Saturday, February 9, 2013

Pillows Done, Camera Kaput

You can also see the owl, uh, bookends?
statues? thingies...
I think I just took my last photos on this, our third digital camera.  This one died the same way the first did, by the mechanism that ejects and retracts the lens breaking.  The second camera drowned in an overturned canoe.  My Mommy instincts kicked in and I was turned around and had my hands on Tootie Pie before we hit the water.  We were rescued by a good Samaritan in a motor boat, left the canoe with the river patrol to fish out, and went for a ride on an inner tube behind our saviour's boat while Tootie Pie ate his chips.  And, we had bought the warranty, so we got a new camera free.  So, it turned out great for everyone, except Canon.

An Eames chair pillow on an Eames chair.
This should be my full-sized living room!
So, it may be a while before I post any more pictures.  I am working on quite a few things simultaneously, but tonight I finished the linens.  The colors don't really work in the master bedroom, so I put the more blue  pillows in the living room.  I will probably have to try printing fabric again soon, since the rug I was so proudly hailing has sustained water damage. 


  1. Sorry about your camera! Hope you can get it replaced soon.
    I love your writing style, your posts are always fun to read.
    And the Eames pillow on the Eames chair is too cute.

  2. I love those owls... *grabby hands*
    agree with Christina on reading your entries always light hearted on fun (even though you do write about tougher issues too so obviously very versatile).
    Pillows are awesome and your house is looking fantastic!



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