Sunday, February 3, 2013

Small Technical Issue and Insight Into How My Brain Works

Since people are commenting more on my posts, I'd like to make a formal announcement that I cannot reply to comments.  I am working out a way to fix this, but have not come up with a working solution yet.  Any advice would be appreciated.  When I click on "reply", the link shows "javascript;", which means that something should be happening, but isn't.  It may be a cookie issue.  It may be a template issue.  I have no idea, but I am trying, trying to work it out.**

Also, I cannot figure out a way to show comments after the post.  There is code to do so, but you must insert it between the <blogger> tags, which my template does not seem to have.  I have been working on this, as well.

Admittedly, he is very hard to see,
but Mr. Cartwright is in the circular
window atop the rocket, looking
decidedly browner than most
astronauts of the time.
I do wish I could reply to your comments.  I want to!  I just can't.  Please understand why I may appear aloof or disinterested, which I am not.  I love blogging and I love my followers!  I am just something of a machine-destroying Luddite.  Which, of course, I can tie into to minis! See, a while back, I ordered an old "Famous Inventors Series" Cartwright loom, which came packaged with literature about this great inventor, as well as a bust of Cartwright himself.  Don't you wish that there was still a market for such educational toys today?   In the literature, it mentioned how this powerloom was not met with great joy by the weavers of the day, who would go on to protest the technology by burning the new mills that used it to the ground.  They thought it would destroy jobs, since the new looms required less workers to produce cloth.  Those people were called Luddites, after Ned Ludd, a youth who had allegedly smashed two stocking frames 30 years earlier (thank you, Wikipedia).  I ordered the loom to create mini tapestries.  But to date, the most useful item proved to be the bust, which I encased in an old ornament bubble pack, painted a sort of light brown color (to match my students' general skin tone, in a vague attempt to affirm their identity, and not at all to address the fact that all astronauts in the 1960's were exclusively white men), and used as an astronaut in my classroom's 1960's rocket ship

If ever I figure out how to reply to comments on my blog, expect a deluge of responses.  I apologize for my lack of technical expertise.  But, you got a good history lesson out of it, at least, right?

** EDITOR'S NOTE: I solved it.  I am using IE, and that is the problem (insert Microsoft joke here).  I can reply on chrome.  Problem "solved"


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