Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Valentine's Day Scene, or Spring Break

How thoughtful!  How romantic!
Oh, my, and wine!  Nice!

Since they're underaged, they can't
handle their alcohol
But, young people + booze = heavy
Here is my February holiday scene for Mini Aesthetics's contest.  This was thrown together extremely randomly and without much forethought.  Tootie Pie was helping, so she added a shopping basket full of fruit, a campfire, and a old fashioned desk, which had to be surreptiously taken out for the photos to be taken. 
This sequence shows a young couple, and I do mean young, on a date.  It may be an open air room in a Carribean locale, since out the clerestory window there are jumping dolphins.  In the first picture, our young man is showering the young woman with flowers, candy on a platter and a teddy bear.  In the second photo, the gentleman is pouring her some wine.  And in the third, she has abandoned the glass and is chugging her second bottle, having trashed the first on the floor.  The young man is either showing off doing pushups, or he tripped on the rug.  The candy is on the arm of the chair, within easy reach.  The cat has knocked over the vase.  And, in the final in the series, well, it's dark, but it seems that things have spiraled completely out of control.
So, that's my romantic Valentine's Day scene.  Pretty amateurish, but it is my first one.  They can only get better from here.  At least, I hope.


  1. Jumping dolphins, push ups and crazy drunken petting I don't think there is anything else required is there?!

  2. Too cute!!! Caribbean? Will they must be in the French Antilles, if these 'young' lovers are drinking wine. Anywhere else they'd be drinking grape juice (he, he). This scene is reminiscent of spring break as well....ah, young lust---I mean love. The Kelly Gang dolls are such fun!

  3. SECURITY! We seem to have drunk, horny babies in the house! Very cute!

  4. Very cute and um suggestive? Well done xx



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