Sunday, February 24, 2013

The (Cute) Reason My Progress Is Slow

From this, to fixed, to now
no longer lighting up!
I spent the weekend trying to make another Arco lamp to replace the one that I had listed on Etsy, that was sold, that my daughter broke.  I was successful after many, many frustrating hours, and I figured I could salvage the one that she had broken for our dollhouse, which I did.  All was good.  Until two seconds into her playing with the newly fixed Arco, when it was broken again.
This would be great to put into a little book. 
I wish I had one...

Then, I found pages for the Charlotte's Web mini book that I made, resized them, print, cut out and sprayed with clear lacquer, to then discover that Tootie Pie lost all three books.  We retraced her steps from when she last saw them, and I grilled her mercilessly, but they were never produced.  Some day I will find them in with her hairbands, in her sticker collection, in the miniature tub bathing with a Critter, or some other unlikely spot.  My God!  How does she manage?  Who's idea was it to have kids when I'm obviously trying to keep a dollhouse?  I mean, c'mon!

So, another case of one thing created, another thing broken.  Grrr....  So, if you're ever wondering why I cannot produce things more rapidly - why, for instance, it has taken me almost three months to make one chair - consider that a miniaturist is handicapped with a curious child.  It reminds me of a comedian's act by Chad Daniel's “Babies are miracles. Think about it. When they’re born their feet are tiny. Yet, they can somehow step on all your hopes and dreams.”  In fact, Tootie Pie is literally crushing my dream here.  Or, at least, she certainly isn't making it any easier.
The chair (right) and its base (bottom left),
plus a very small Polly Pocket chair that I
modified by painting the base silver

The one success I did have this weekend, besides recreating a lamp unneccessarily, was on my Egg chair.  I have now fashioned the base of the chair from a plastic lollipop stick and a large paper clip.  All that remains is attaching it to the chair, and then waiting for Tootie Pie to either break it or lose it. 


  1. I don't think anyone, ever would call your progress slow. Ever. You are so far ahead of me and I'm in a quiet, childless home. And I don't have a 9-5. You win. :)

  2. Tootie Pie strikes again! I really like coming here to read your stories about her..I know it is a little frusterating for you but I think it's sweet.




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