Sunday, February 3, 2013

Only One Complete Project This Week

I added some 3D elements on this.
 Not the best work, but not bad.
The orange dot in between the 2
smaller knobs is supposed to be
an LED light, but it just looks like
a flaw.  There's actually a yellow
one underneath it, to prove it is
First off, I want to thank Jazzi for the mention in her fabulous blog.  When a blog hero of mine mentions me in a post,'s an honor.  That, or I just bothered her enough in the link party.  Hey, whatever works, right?  Happy 50th, Jazzi!

This week I finished my wood cased radio.  I hesitate to mention my inspiration for fear that a) you'll compare (unfavorably) mine to hers and b) that she will not want to be credited (negatively) for my shoddy reproduction, but thank you Kris for the tutorial.  I failed to plan for the width of the wood in my measurements, so I "fixed" that by merely sanding down the corners.  The reason I did that is because it takes sooooo loooong to make these minis.  From the cutting of the stacked cardstock, to the gluing, to the waiting for the glue to dry, to the printing of the image, to the spraying and again waiting for it to dry, to the sanding of the edges of the bits of stacked cardstock, which then unglues the glue on the stack, requiring regluing and rewaiting, and on and on...I've been working on this little thing for a month.  And it only takes Tootie Pie about 10 seconds to crush it or lose it. 

So, enjoy it now.  It won't last.

Meant to be 50% cooler,
until one bead broke

I am also working on electrifying some lamps.  My lamps are not going to be plugged into outlets (that would require pre-wiring and foresight, which I lack completely), so they will be battery powered.  The 1.8 mm LED lights that I ordered seemed small enough to fit through the, eh, let's say a generous 2 mm opening, were sadly mounted on a 2.5 mm plastic base, which was itself on top of a 3 mm wide spread of wiring.  The instructions said to sand the plastic and bend the wires if it was too big.  I broke the first one right off.  Plan B was to sand a bigger hole in the beads, and I broke a bead.  So, after much trial, error and swearing, Smiley banging head against the wallI sanded the bead openings down using less force but much, much more time, and sanded the edges of the bulb down just enough to squeeze in. 

The wiring is in progress now.  My old nemesis, the soldering iron, waits to torment me next.
Evil lurks in the corner of this photo.  It is
the horrible, gasp, a soldering iron.  Screech, screech,
screech, screech violin Psycho music.


  1. How about trying a red transparent seed beed? or the like for the LED?

    you and tootie pie crack me up, love reading what you have got up to up to lately - especially when I'm languishing in procrastination land!

    I am going to be telling everyone about the Made in China sticker LOL!



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