Monday, February 25, 2013

Signs You Might Be Getting Old

Warning!  This post contains sentences that you cannot "unread".  Reader Discretion is Advised.  Louis CK did a stand up routine on being 40, which is spot-on.  Highly recommended viewing.

You may be getting old if:

You use the phrase "Kids today".  A lot.

Living Social or Groupon is targeting you for "Three Laser Toenail-Fungus Treatments" deals. 

You've experienced both a stroke and cancer.  Okay, this one may just apply to me.

You become enraged when commercials make up their own words, like "melty".

Yup, I know what this is...
You can identify every item labeled "Do you know what this is?" on Facebook.

You start thinking about retirement.  A lot.  Like, obsessively.  That may just be a sign that you need a new job, actually.

The thought of going out at night repulses you.

You start inspecting the things that come out of you more closely.

You really do think that all new music sounds like crap. Except for that Carly Rae Jepsen song. And Trouble by Taylor Swift. Okay, sometimes you have the musical taste of an eleven year old.

These sort of things are
getting funnier and funnier
You are never sure if a fart will turn into a pants crap.

You find Maxine cards and Grampa cartoons funny


  1. you crack me up... I am turning 38 in 10 days. So I didn't want to watch the jokes about being 40, but I totally relate! shared it on my partners' facebook and a lot of people were laughing along yesterday. Thanks!



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