Saturday, February 16, 2013

This Week's Project: Save the Tooth

It turns out that it's lucky I finished my "scene" two days early, because I had an action-packed Valentine's Day!  It was full of red, I spent it with my beloved Tootie Pie and it had a surprise.  And, it was the worst Valentine's Day I've experienced.  The red was blood, and the surprise was that Tootie Pie knocked out her two front teeth, one of which was her permanent tooth that hadn't even come completely down.  I was absolutely naseous at the news.  We went to the emergency clinic, and were told we needed a pediatric dentist, so back in the car, only to wait for him to come back from lunch.  Then, he too, told us we'd need even more of a specialist: an oral surgeon, who of course was not in, but would be after a short wait.  Tootie Pie was anesthesized and had two more teeth removed in order to affix braces to save her secondary tooth.  Poor girl! 

And poor Mom.  Phone calls were flying back and forth between my Assistant Principals, my union rep (our dental plan is provided by our union), the Welfare Fund (that's the name of our union-provided benefits - we're not on welfare!), her primary care physician, the pharmacy, husband, in-laws, parents, sister, teacher, school nurse, and some random guy who thought he was calling a doctor and refused to take my word for it that I am NOT a doctor.  "But, this is the number they gave me".  Dude!  I don't have the patience for this today!!!  Stop calling me!  ARGHHH!
There are full, pillowy lips, and
there is THIS, which is a bit

Tootie Pie is slowly returning to her normal self.  My second school break vacation plans are destroyed, but I am thankful that she was not more seriously injured.  In the midst of all of this, I made another sale. I have doubled my sales!   So, things could be worse.  Hopefully they won't become so, though.

** EDITOR'S NOTE: There is a silver lining to the losing of the tooth:  she now has ungnawed fingernails.  You can't bite your nails if you don't have teeth!


  1. awwww no poor tootie pie! Hope she is ok.
    Sending Happy Teeth Vibes and Healthy Thoughts your way.

  2. Oh dear..poor tootie pie! Lucky she has a good mum like you! xxx



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