Saturday, March 16, 2013

A Wee Bit O'Green - Making Mini Topiaries

The new, yet unfinished, topiaries, in their
rightful place.
I am working on making little topiaries for the entrance.  I have to figure out how to make miniature dirt, but their are mostly finished.  I couldn't wait to put them out front, and I love the view through the windows!  It's like I'm spying on mini people.  I adore the view of things through windows.  It's like you only look straight across or up, and most of the distracting crap in a home is hovering lower, so all houses look great peering in through a window.

I still have to fix the corner of the front door.  I tried putting some wood putty on it, and attempted sanding it, but it's in such a tight space.  This is the part I don't like: big fixer-upper jobs.  I much prefer fiddly little things. 

My panel is more yellowed
and, sadly, browned.
I am also trying to create new windows since the casting of the one original window IS JUST NOT WORKING!!  I have tried around five different mold, only one of which I got to the actual casting phase.  That one I didn't see the point of mold release (or mildew remover, as the woman at the craft store called it).  Now I understand why.  These molds are killing me.  So I am trying a new approach using salvaged commercial ceiling light panels.  I'm pretty much betting they'll look horrible. 


  1. Have you tried plastic canvas sheets? The spaces are small and the sheets are thin. They might work.



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