Saturday, March 23, 2013

Modern Mini Window Treatments

Well, this isn't so much of a tutorial as it's a possible foray into a legal problem with The Shade Store.  The Shade Store offers free samples, and these samples are just the right size for mini modern blinds.  I am actually currently without window treatments in my new full-size kitchen, so technically I did use these samples to see the transparency value of the different fabrics.  It is just so difficult to gauge online!  And, of course, I would never advocate abusing the free sample only to use in your dollhouse.  It's just too bad that the Shade Store will not send more than one sample of a certain fabric, since some dollhouse rooms have more than one window, you know.  But we wouldn't be using them for that purpose anyhow, now would we?

A great quality to these fabrics is that they cut so nicely alongside one thread and do not easily fray, so they require no hemming.  You find such fabric in other settings, such as makeup bags and even some reusable shopping bags and possibly placemats.  But nothing beats the quality of the Shade Store.  For your full-size shades, of course.

To finish off my shade, I painted a straw and two beads.  Then I glued the cut fabric on the straw.  That was that!


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