Monday, March 18, 2013

My Miniature Holy Grail

One miniature that I have coveted is the Ideal Princess Patti Petite Princess kitchen table and chairs.  I have seen many an ebay auction for these items come and go, and the bidding has always ended just shy of the $100 mark.  I don't think I paid that for my own kitchen table, but I do know that I paid much more for my Eiffel base shell chairs.  Those squeaky chairs that kill unsuspecting visitors' and owners' feet when trod upon the wonderful nail head detailing are the only true mid-century pieces in my home.  Both my husband and my live-in ex-fiance wanted to get rid of them, to which the answer was a resounding "NO".  I parted with my Eileen Gray side tables, my Eames lounge chair, and many a chrome lamp, but I will not part with my kitchen chairs, I don't care how uncomfortable they are! 

The price for these gorgeous little princessy items was always so high.  I was waiting for an uniformed seller to list them in a lot and not know the key words under which all the other obsessed souls searched continuously.  And I will tell you know that I found one such person, and I won them!  In a lot of other Ideal furniture, to boot.  Most of the Petite Princess items are bit on the "castley" side for my taste, but maybe I could make a drawing for them, as my followers steadily increased for a time, but the needle has been stuck now at thirty-something.  I know that, no matter what, this set will be my go-to kitchen set for a long time to come.  Unlike the one pictured above, my table still has the planter of flowers on the top; in the picture you can see the glue where it was.  I may remove it, though, since I'm not in love with the red flowers set in it.  My set of chairs are missing the pads, which will probably make them as uncomfortable as my own kitchen chairs.  How fortuitous!


  1. This is great. In fact I've looked through your blog and it shows some great work and ideas. x

  2. Congratulations on getting the dining set of your dreams at a price that you were willing to pay! I have often paid more for a miniature (whatever) than I would dream of paying for the same item in full-sized. I have always been able to justify it in my head even though I can't reconcile it with my wallet. I just turn a blind eye to the insanity and think of myself as lucky to have what makes me happy. I think that the mid century dining set is adorable, who could resist it? Your story leads me to believe that you know where your priorities lie so if it makes you happy...?
    I think it is marvelous that you have a to-do list that you keep posted and that you are able to get things crossed off! I have lists all over and they are the same as yesterday and the day before and the day before that.....
    Happy to be a new follower




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