Friday, March 22, 2013

New Look for My Blog

I was unhappy with the old appearance of my blog.  It looked amateurish, which, um, well, it is.  But, that's no reason it couldn't look nicer.  I chintzed out and downloaded a template called Ladybug, and I took a chance and made the change.  It still looks amateurish.  But less so.  I have quite a bit of tweaking to do, rearranging and changing the colors and so on, but I think it looks better already.  What do you say?  My best friend's husband is working on improving the logo.  I did it myself!  There is a great deal of room for improvement.  The picture of the jogger wearing the visor on the Brooklyn Bridge needed to go!

From dark and "keystoned" (think Star Wars
opening credits)

To light and crooked
I'm still struggling with the header.  Since I cannot get my scanner to work, I had to take a picture of the outline I drew, so it was previously darker.  So, it is lighter now, since I asked a coworker to scan it for me today.  It still doesn't look quite right.  I am trying to resurrect my Photoshop skills, which were already shaky.  I just loaded my copy of PS 6 (I could look up the latest version number, but that would bum me out.  Suffice to say, that my copy of PS 6 is dated from 1998, so it would qualify as out-of-date and may qualify for the technology museum), whose install will not run on a 64-bit machine.  I'm not sure if I said that correctly, but I loaded it in the diagnostic startup, and it worked.  Now, to improve that header.  And create custom icons to replace the ladybugs.  In what lifetime?


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