Monday, March 4, 2013

Arne Jacobsen Egg Chair Miniature Tutorial

This tutorial was a long time coming. It occured to me one day, what better way to make an egg chair, than with an egg? So, this chair was inspired by the classic plastic Easter egg. It then stalled when I unsuccessfully tried out many different ways to cover the odd shape, and finally settled on a felted wool covering.

Plastic Easter egg
Polymer clay
Egg chair pattern or really good eye
Super glue (for the inevitable breaking of chair when removing from egg) Wool roving
Dish detergent
Plastic Ziploc bag
Plastic lollipop stick
Large paper clip
Wire cutters
Small pliers

  •  Find a larger sized plastic easter egg and a pattern for the egg chair.  I found some images online of the classic chair's profile, and used that on both sides.
  • Send polymer clay through a pasta machine or roll by hand.  Cover easter egg with a layer of clay.  It may be helpful to first glue the egg together, as it will come apart easily if you don't.
  • Trace around your pattern in the clay.  Make an indentation at the bottom for the chair leg support.
  • Boil the egg with the polymer clay.  Don't worry, it won't melt the plastic.
  • Using oven mitts, peel the still pliable but very hot clay from the plastic egg.  If it breaks, use the super glue to mend.  The wool coat will strengthen the final chair, so no worries.
  • When the chair has cooled, take wool roving and cover it.  Meanwhile, put some dish detergent in a pot to boil.
  • Ladle the hot, soapy water onto your chair.  When it is saturated, place it in the Ziploc with some more warm, soapy water, and gently massage the roving against the chair.  If the water cools, refresh it with warmer water from the pot.
  • When the roving has shrunk to form a nice, snug coat, take out the chair and rinse until the water runs clean.  Let dry.
  • Meanwhile, take your plastic lollipop stick and cut to length.  With a hot pin, place three equidistant holes around the circumference of the stick, just up from one end.  Enlargen the holes to just smaller than the diameter of your paperclip.

The chair and its stand.  A very small Polly
Pocket chair invaded this tutorial for no reason
  • Cut three lengths of paper clip and shape one end to curve.  Or, you could just cut the lengths from where the clip naturally curves.
  • Super glue the paperclips into the holes in the lollipop stick.
  • Move aside some wool from the bottom to super glue the lollipop stick into the pre-made indentation.
That's it.  Enjoy your chair!  See if you can beat my record of making one chair in three months.  You might want to modify the base, as it doesn't seem terribly sturdy.  I might even try this using a hot knife to cut the plastic egg directly and use that as the base.  Let me know if you try it and how it works out.  Have fun!


  1. Cool!!! Everyone needs a fuzzy egg chair! :D

  2. I've been following along with this, but I don't think I realized just how involved the process was until now. Wow, that's awesome.

  3. Well who's a clever girl then!



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