Sunday, March 3, 2013

My Mini Miniaturist

Look at what Tootie Pie did!  Lighting for the bedrooms.  Sure, it's just two little flashlights suspended from the ceiling with tape, but not a bad first effort.  She is also responsible for moving the refrigerator into the children's room and the bureau drawers in front of the door. 
I finished the Egg chair.  It is a bit crooked.  Tutorial to follow.  I have also been working on setting up my tutorials on Pinterest, and trying to scan my logo so that it's clearer.  As you can see, I have NOT improved the header on the blog.  I am also trying new linens for the master bedroom.  I still can't find a fabric that I'm happy with.  Even a scan of the wallpaper doesn't match the wallpaper (?!).  Should I add an accent color, such as orange?


  1. Tootie comes up with some interesting solutions to problems :)




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