Sunday, March 10, 2013

Wine Bottle Tutorial

Bottle on the left is made from an eye dropper,
cut to size.
Bottle on the right is from a mechanical pencil
I finally figured out the puzzle of the wine bottle.  Ever since I envisioned a February scene for Mini*Asthetics challenge, I have been wracking my brain trying to work this mini out.  I tried melting a pen casing over a flame, but I never quite perfected that.  I ended up with warped plastic.  It is hard to pull on something exactly evenly, I guess.  I have a Christmas light waiting in the wings, but then an eye dropper caught my eye in the science lab, and Bammo!  I was in business. 

  • eye dropper or mechanical pencil top
  • sand paper
  • paint
  • tin foil
  • an image of a wine label and a printer
  • hole punch
  • milk jug

  • So, just trim the eye dropper to a proportionally pleasing height, then sand it smooth.  If you're using a pencil end bit, you don't even need to trim!
  • Punch a hole from the milk jug with the hole punch.  The makers of eye droppers must have gotten together with the engineers creating hole punches, because the size is identical. 
  • Paint the inside of the dropper and one side of the hole punch bottle green.  I imagine that glass paint would give the best results, but, since I only have white glass paint, I just mixed green and yellow craft paint. 
  • Size your wine label and print and glue it to the bottle. 
  • Top the bottle with a bit of tin foil cut to size.  I might replace this with a bit of the foil wrappers from an actual bottle of wine when I buy and open my next bottle.  I'm currently in the middle of a box of wine.  Yes, I am a Francophile AND I drink wine from a box.  I am a paradox, I tell ya.

Modify this tutorial as you like and let me know how yours came out.  Enjoy!


  1. Brilliant! :D Always pays to keep your mini eyes open!

  2. very cool tutorial, I'm going to give this a try

    thanks :)

  3. this is so cool!would a tiny piece of craft cork work as a realistic mini cork,if one didn't want to use the foil?but,i do love it this way!thanx,kat



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