Sunday, March 24, 2013

Creating Replacement Windows for a Dollhouse

Not painted yet, but it fits
My vintage dollhouse was a steal, no question.  It did come with a few flaws, however.  It was, and still is, missing the middle chimney, the top to another chimney, two windows, and a piece of the front door.  There is no 1-800-WINDOWS to call and I was waiting for inspiration to hit.  Also, I was avoiding the job.  The attempt with the ceiling panels turned out to be just too thick.  I cut out the sides from a plastic bin and instead of using wood, I used polymer clay to edge it.  I think this is it. 
This looks okay, but it was
too bulky
Hot glue stems with resin flowers
In another stroke of genius, I am making progress on my Oriental sakura blossom vine for the dining room.  I was planning to take an impression from a plastic dollhouse that we inherited, and then fill it with clear resin.  The mold was so tiny and thin, the the vine part broke off, leaving just the blossoms, which I saved.  I was thinking that the vine would be made also from polymer clay, but then I thought I'd try hot glue.  I needed to be fast, but I made vine like shapes and placed the blooms onto it.  This, too, will receive a coat of paint.


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