Thursday, March 21, 2013

Mini Topiaries

To add interest to my dollhouse front door, I decided I'd need some sculptural, modern topiaries.  It was a fairly easy project.

  • small styrofoam balls
  • wooden dowel
  • preserved moss
  • tacky glue
  • styrofoam chunks
  • matching pots or planters
  • hot glue
  • dirt


  • Take some preserved moss, and break it up into tiny pieces.
  • I wanted a graduated topiary, so the bottom ball is left in its original state, while the top two balls were smooshed to differing degrees
  • Pierce the styrofoam balls with the dowel
  • Paint the styrofoam with glue
  • Roll the styrofoam in moss bits
  • Let dry
  • Push the styrofoam chunks into your pots and then put the dowel into the pot
  • Make a layer of hot glue over the styrofoam and then spoon dirt over
  • Voila!



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