Sunday, March 10, 2013

Sculptures on a Stick - Some Mini Art I Wanted to Make

My forte seems to be in the
teeniest of tiny.  Clockwise
from upper right: magazine
folder, Grease CD, a new
copy of Charlotte's Web, and
a gingerbread house.
You may have noticed that some of the larger, more dull items on the Undersized Urbanite to-do list have been languishing.  I could strike out number 13, "Make working lamps", but, sorry, Tootie Pie, the hanging flashlights are not up to even my low standards, and the Arco lamp?  Well, I still haven't fixed that.  Those bigger jobs, although they would make my house look 100% better (moulding around the door openings), just don't jazz me up, ya know?  I prefer making small small things.  I guess number 12, the highly specific "Accessorize, accessorize, accessorize", can be safely struck from that to-do list.

Beads on a stick
My "styled" shelves in their
rightful place
So, the very, very small things that I have been working on and completed (because working on something can take an exceedingly long time, and certain things may never be completed) include my new mini sculptures-on-a-stick.  Like most items in my dollhouse (are we mini modernists even calling them that?), this item is something I've craved for my own home since I saw it somewhere years ago.  Of course, I cannot find the inspiration photo, but the originals were cooler than my "interpretations".  My art is simply square beads, paperclips and round beads, painted to match.  Big whoop, right?

Eye dropper gives the right
I have also become somewhat obsessed with creating a miniature wine bottle.  I originally needed wine for my February holiday themed room for Mini*Asthetics challenge.  But, since I couldn't come up with how to make them, I just used two pink bottles that came from my grab bag of free Barbie stuff.  After reading what I imagine is ALL the tutorials online - using Christmas lights, pen casings over a flame, and, well, that's basically it - I hit upon my inspiration during a coverage in the science lab: droppers.  I cut the end off a dropper, painted it green inside, and glued some paper on.  Now I can say my dollhouse is complete!


  1. I read those tutorials to. Your inspiration was a stroke of genius, though. Woo too!



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