Thursday, March 7, 2013

Winter Dreams - Spring and Summer Projects

¡Adios, Febrero!  I have documented my distaste for this month, and this year it was heightened because our Mid-Winter break was abbreviated, due to SuperStorm Sandy.  But, I am dreaming of warmer months, and fresh air, and two months off.  There is always a long list of projects to be completed during the summer.  Many have to do with salvaging junk, like my basement coffee table, or much more mundane things like organizing the garage.  The scene that occurs down there during the winter is cray-cray. 

I... uh... drove past my own house.
Our home's facade was never one to brag about.  I live in an attached rowhouse that looks exactly like everyone else's on the block.  So much so that when my neighbors redid their driveway, which is shared (non-city folk, I know you have no idea what a shared drive looks like, so here's a photo), I drove right past my own home, and had to turn around in another neighbor's drive.  "I drove past my house", I sheepishly told them as they stared at me like I was nuts.  I felt like Oda Mae in Ghost: "I'm sorry, but, could I get another one? I... uh... signed the wrong name."  In any case, the lintel over the garage was a known issue when we bought the house.  Four years later, and we had moss growing there.  I like moss, so I left it.  But, do you know who else likes moss?  Squirrels do.  Or, maybe they buried their nuts there last fall, come to think of it, there was an oak sapling growing there last year, but in any case, the lintel now looks like this:
So, fixing lintel is on the "must be done" list.  Then, I'd like to cover my chain link fencing in the back with white lattice panels.  I took a very dreary picture of my backyard, so that the after, if it ever happens, will look that much snazzier.  Yes, those are forks in the garden.  They're to keep the cats from using it as a litter box.

It was drizzling, hence the white dots on lens.
A rake would certainly spruce this space up!

Ah, summer.  It cannot come fast enough!  


  1. you's a cute space you could really do a lot with it, some raised flower beds along the chain link fence and some flower seeds...bada bing bada boom..instant english country garden!




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