Thursday, January 24, 2013

Buddha Head Statue and Master Bedroom Carpeting

The completed Buddha
statue.  In my house, my
husband didn't like my Buddha
head and we had to get rid of
it.  But this dollhouse is mine,
all mine, so Buddha head stays
Bedroom floor done!  I used
the pot that was on top of the
armoire for the Buddha and
replaced it with the green
I received my embossed felt today and immediately installed it in the master bedroom.  Wouldn't it be nice if we could have carpeting this quick in the full-sized world?  The other project I completed today is the laughing Buddha head statue.  I silver painted the formerly green and gold speckled vase, turned it upside down and hot glued the bead on it.  Now it is art.

So, the master bedroom is done except for the linens (my seamstress misplaced the first cut and pinned pieces and I haven't made new ones yet because I lost the muslin), and I have pretty much filled up the living room with as many accessories as it can handle.  Yes, I have a seamstress (my mother-in-law).  I am still working on the capiz shell chandelier, and I will move into the bathroom and children's rooms next.  I will probably just print some tile for the bathroom, and I have the wallpaper and carpeting selected for the children's room.  Then it's just a process of refining everything.  This is so much fun.  And, as a extra bonus, every morning when Tootie Pie wakes up, she asks "Is there anything new in the dollhouse?", and usually the answer is affirmative.  So, it's like a puzzle every day to figure out what I changed or added.  Yeah!



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