Thursday, January 31, 2013

Taking the Challenge Very Seriously

I had two reasons to join the Undersized Urbanite Contest: one, envy for the participants of the I'm a Giant Challenge, since I didn't learn about it until after it "ended", and two, because I loved Christina's sales pitch:
Dreaming of a Smeg fridge? You can have one in your dollhouse, for only a few dollars if you are up for the simple DIY. An ultra modern house maybe?
Look!  So Shiny!!
That is my backsplash!  That
is not, sadly, my wall ovens
(these $#*'s have three!)
Why, yes, I am dreaming of a Smeg, although wall oven, since you never asked.  And, for many reasons, top most being lack of money and lack of space, I will never have one.  But that is what is so great about dollhouses.  If you really covet an item, you can satisfy it with a (relatively) quick DIY.

Some things on my long-time wish list that will be in my dollhouse eventually, if I can ever figure out how:
  • Arco lamp - documented here, but I found someone who makes something similar and the base is made of stone.  I'm waiting for a response on how he makes or gets them like that.
  • Madeline Weinrib flatweave rugs - I have saved quite a few images and all that is needed is some more fabric printing
  • Arne Jacobsen egg chair - I haven't forgotten, I'm still trying
  • Eero Saarinen tulip table - this has been going on for a while now, too
  • Silver dining room - got it!
This project has eased some of my desires, or at least shrunk them to 1:12 scale.  Now, if only keeping my real house clutter free was as easy as with the dollhouse.


  1. those are great reasons for joining and you're halfway done with most of your projects..good for you!


  2. That's awesome. So glad my sales pitch worked on you, I love watching your projects.



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