Sunday, January 13, 2013

Champagne Chair Contest Entry

I've entered another contest.  This one is the Design Within Reach Champagne Chair Contest.  I have always coveted the things sold at DWR, but, contrary to its name, the prices are still out-of-reach for this cheapo.  To offset the astronomical prices, the prizes are gift certificates to this awesome store!  I want, I want.

So, I have been mulling over my design for a while.  I lost the cork portion of the champagne cage, which didn't help me meet the deadline.  And, then, since we drank the champagne long ago, and I had other, although very similar,  designs for the cork, I had painted it, which is against the rules in this competition, so I had to sand it.  Are you beginning to see why the name of this blog is The Hard Way

I actually shaped my first attempt with the wire, but then when the seat proved too difficult, I went with plan B.  It's sort of an upright hammock.  I don't know how it stacks up against the competition, but I'll be dreaming of the Saarinen tulip table or the Jacobsen egg chair that I'll finally be able to buy put a down payment on with my winnings.  I'd certainly be less blasé about L's crayon marks on my kitchen table when I dropped anywhere from $1800-$4600 on it.  We'd definitely have to throw out all the Sharpies.  And the mice.  And my husband.  And probably L.  And, let's face it, me, too.  And no one, NO ONE, would be allowed to drop their plastic bags or jackets on my $7000-$16,000 chair.  They wouldn't even be able to look at it, at that price.  Nuh-uh.  Oh, how I wish my house was so precious that we'd need to give all visitors a silk gown and cashmere socks before they would be able to enter. 

Aren't contests great?  Of course, I have no design training under my belt whatsoever, and I'm sure many of the entrants are graphic designers and interior decorators and product engineers.  Me?  I was a computer programmer and now I'm a math teacher.  So, yeah.  There's that.  But, my mini work will be featured on the DWR site, just for having participated.  So, there! this

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  1. I'm really loving reading the challenges that others had as they tackled the design of their contest entries. I had though that I has alone in my frustration. Congratulations on moving from inspiration to realization. Good luck in the contest.



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