Sunday, January 27, 2013

Some Shows I May Attend

This picture excites me in a
way I cannot understand
I want to play with this!
In order to make good on another of my New Year's resolutions (and, I am proud to say that I have made the bed every day this year; aleast, I made my own; Tootie Pie's will have to wait until 2014!), I researched Miniaturist Events.  So, I am venturing into the waters of an Enthusiast, which is usually how they describe crazy people on the nightly news.  Hummingbird enthusiast, petunia enthusiast, gun enthusiast.  I guess I feel there is a stigma to crafting in general (although blogs are making that word hipper) and dollhouses specifically.  It's just one step away from a So Truly Real  doll QVC addiction or a Beanie Baby collector; those people are NUTS in my book. - In Warren, NJ in April - In Sturbridge, MA in June - In Michigan over the summer.  The website misspells "entrance", so I know it's in Michigan, home of poor spellers and mixed metaphors.  You can't have your cake and one in the hand.  That's the coup de Ville. - On the border of NJ and Philly in November.

Has anyone been to these shows before?  I have no idea what to expect.  Should I join an association like NAME?  Am I taking things too far?


  1. I collect dolls too and was almost going to say hey... I am one of those nuts... but I can't say the idea of a breathing doll appeals to me.

    I did like furbies, but found them annoying after 5 minutes, so don't want them to talk either!



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