Monday, January 21, 2013

Keystone Update

Since returning to work, changes to my dollhouse project will be more subtle in the coming weeks.  Here is a list of my progress since the last update.

Master bedroom: This is more of a list of what I haven't done: I haven't yet hung the shade.  I haven't yet completed the linens.  I am still waiting on my embossed felt to come in to carpet the floors.  I had to fix the paper on the sideboard, because one drawer had come undone.  I basically just rearranged the accessories and added a sculpture inspired by Kelly Wearstler's brass Kaleidoscope.  It is a gold tinsel pompom that I trimmed down.

Living Room: I added art.  At the last minute, just before taking pictures.  Also, my Eames chair came, which I loooooovvvvveeeeee.  I am still working on a bookcase for under the window.  I am actually making it from wood and not just painting an existing bookcase.  But, I am painting it, naturally.

Dining room: I painted the sideboard silver.  Now I cannot open the drawer any longer*.  I would like to shave down the back legs, because my herringbone floor curls up a bit around the edges and the sideboard tips and the Wiinblad head vase falls, and foliage comes loose, and it's a pain in my bazumpus.  I added a Chinese bowl on the table, and I am very close to completing my chandelier.

Kitchen:  I fixed the caving ceiling, repaired the wallpaper, and added a Paul Marrot print over what should be the bar, but is just working as another horizontal surface for our residents to place their Croonchy Star cereal atop.  We've lost another container of milk.  I think my daughter keeps placing them in the fridge.  I am in process of reinstalling my Steampunk art that was damaged in the collapse.  Oh, and I got another shell side chair with the Eames chair.

* Correction: Tootie Pie read this, went to the dollhouse, grabbed the sideboard, and pulled out the drawer.


  1. everything is looking fantastic, love the art additions, can't believe how awesome that tinsel ball looks and I had a good laff at the drawer now being able to open!



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