Thursday, January 10, 2013

Printing Dollhouse Rugs - Fast, Easy and Satisfying

How often does something turn out to be easy?  In my experience, almost never.  I'll go to an art museum and think to myself, "I could do that".  Or, I'll read an online tutorial and say, "easy".  But then when I try it, I realize that, no, I cannot.  I have abandoned more hare brained schemes than I care to remember.  So, today, when I tried to print a rug on my computer printer, I couldn't believe that it was so simple!  And the results are stunning. 

Here's how you do it.  You take spray adhesive and spray a piece of card stock.  Then, you iron a piece of linen, and affix it to the card stock.  Put it through your printer.  "Hem" the edges with fabric glue.  That's it.  Lurve!

Now, tell me the truth, is the kitchen too yellow?  Because I'm thinking that it is.


  1. Thanks for posting this, I have seen people mention it but haven't really believed, you make me believe, so I will have to try it soon!

    Also I like the whole yellow thing, maybe you could put a couple of contrasting prints or arty things on the walls so that they really pop. Like maybe cute fruit pic that isn't banana :) - Or bananas would work great if they had a blue frame or something else to make them stand out. - just ideas - take them ditch them the kitchen looks very happy!

  2. Wow, I also doubted that it could really be that easy. So glad you shared that with us.

    Agree with Q on the yellow. It actually reminds me of this kitchen: ...which is adorable.

  3. I don't think it's too yellow, but if you want to break it up a bit, I suggest adding curtains to the windows in a contrasting color.

  4. Q and Maria, it's as if you could read my mind. Those are the very two projects I am currently working on. And, Christina, my work being compared to a photo from apartmenttherapy has to be akin to a physicist being compared to Einstein. Very high praise!



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