Monday, January 14, 2013

I Love Free Things and Paint, and Painted Free Things, and Free Paint

I have installed a steampunk art piece in the kitchen.  I found the component pieces outside a Salvation Army store, ground into the dirt.  When the prices at a Salvation Army shop are too steep, go hunting in the muddy parking lot for odd bits of plastic.  Clean them off, spray paint (of course), and you have great art!  Or not, the choice is yours.

Another great free find I made the same day was a giant bag of Barbie furniture.  The larger pieces, after a Clorox bath, made their way under our Christmas tree.  The stash was especially heavy on baby items, so Tootie Pie was thrilled, of course.  But, the smaller pieces, bleached, prove to be a treasure trove of decorative items for a dollhouse.  Sure, they are all technicolor bright, and nothing matches, but I believe in the restorative power of paint!   I painted the bottles that were on top of the Master bedroom armoire in Testor's gold paint, and they went from cheap to chic! 

I know that a lot of the contestants in the Undersized Urbanite contest are making all sorts of clever things, as they did for the I'm a Giant challenge.  Me, I'm wallpapering and spray painting things, for the most part.  Sure, it takes some creativity, but by and large, my dollhouse is a smaller version of my own home: someone else's trash with a new coat of paint.  Ah, well.
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  1. ooh I love finding things in the street too! Clever girl xx

  2. i think the whole shab to fab thing is a skill in itself, there are loads of trash to treasure or barbie pink to glam upscales out there, that I would never have thought of if I didn't see it done by others. Your eye is tuned in to minis which I think takes a while for some. I don't think I am as inventive with found objects or op shop finds. They have to be pretty obvious for me to 'get it'.



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