Saturday, January 5, 2013

Malala Leaves the Hospital

I really cannot believe that she not only
survived, but appears perfectly healed after less
than three months.  She is a miracle.
Happy news today (okay, yesterday) about Malala, the Pakistani school girl shot by the Taliban, who was released from the hospital.  She was cared for in the United Kingdom, and I was hopeful that her father, Ziauddin Yousufzai, would continue to work as diplomat in the Pakistani consulate in Birmingham, keeping his daughter safe, but it appears that he wishes for her to return to the country that nearly killed her.  Luckily (?), she still needs outpatient care, so that return will not be soon, but al-Qaeda and the Taliban do not give up on their causes despite initial failure.  (One of the conspirators in the 1993 WTC bombing attempt said "next time it will be very precise and WTC will continue to be one of our targets in the US unless our demands are met")  These people are serious.

Says Yousufzai,

"I first laughed at it because all of our sacrifices, my personal [sacrifices], or this attack on my daughter, cannot have such a cheap purpose that we would go to some other country and live the rest of our life there,"

This quote was from back in October; so will he have changed his mind by now?  He has a diplomatic assignment for up to five years, and the Pakistani government is paying for all of Malala's expenses.  I say he'd be a fool to return, but then, maybe I'm a coward.  If my child's safety is at all in question, I'm fleeing like a preppy murderer.  I really cannot get a make on this guy.  I hope that Malala recovers to the health that she enjoyed before being shot.  I wish that girls in Pakistan, and everywhere, will be educated freely and safely.  Are these two wishes mutually exclusive?  I hope not.  God bless Malala.


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