Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Kitchen Papered and Floored, Made Dinette Set Match, Fixed Petit Confort Couch and Made Living Room Tables Silver

There is truly no better way to make progress on a project than to not have to work!  I haven't posted any of my improvements in a while because Blogger has been having an issue with uploading images "for some users on Internet Explorer" since January 4th.  Of course, I would be one of the users affected.  They only just posted the workaround, which was to use the HTML editor.  I tried everything, believe me, except, of course, using the HTML editor.  Ah, well, it just makes for a meatier post!

The things I can accomplish!   I'm still having issues placing the pictures correctly, as you will no doubt notice.  Here are just some of the things I have done while I restore my health:
Dining Room: For some unknown reason, I had two brown dining room chairs with green pads, and two dining room chairs with red pads.  So, I spray painted the whole set white to match and to cover up the rose decal on table top. 

Different couch, changed color
of tables
Living Room: I had a Reac Petit Confort sofa that we got last year for Christmas.  We also got a battery powered Fisher Price yellow Volkswagon, which ran over the Petit Confort on Christmas on its maiden voyage, which is why it was not yet in the Keystone house.  I learned a lesson about delicate miniatures, four-year olds and battery operated cars in the house.  I finally fixed the couch (the back legs were torn off).  Also, I sprayed the coffee table and side table silver for added glamour.

Kitchen: I finished the floor and wallpaper in this room.  I added the Tomy kitchen set that I already had, plus some Lala Loopsy chairs and accessories, a Reac shell chair, and a high chair that my neighbor sold us last year.  The table is CPG brand.  The cereal on the table is Croonchy Stars - I made it from a JPEG of an actual cereal box from the 1980's.   Take a close look at the picture.  I papered the walls in Dresden Yellow art paper.

Bedroom: I'm experimenting with furniture.  I removed most of the "Made in West Germany" furniture that started this whole escapade, and replaced it with an ETA math manipulative bed with a real fur throw, and "Made in Hong Kong" dresser and armoire set.  I think it will pop better when I add the wallpaper and flooring.  Right now I'm liking the "before" better.


  1. I much prefer the matching dining in white :) LOL and my absolute fave is how awesome the yellow and pink little la la loopsies look in that blue and white room fantastic!

  2. wow, you've done a lot of work, the bedroom will look put together once you get the walls and floors done.

    good job :)




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