Thursday, January 17, 2013

Lighting for the Dining Room

One milk cap full of hole
punch confetti +
Hour upon hour of tedious
stringing =
The first planned, faboo, lighting fixture for the dining room proved a bust.  It was supposed to be a sort of Sputnik chandelier, made with cross shaped cross-section coffee stirrers.  I couldn't get that one off the ground.  But I promised something faboo, and faboo it will be.  So, still proud of my milk container wall art success, I was considering a similar project for my dollhouse.  Instead of cutting them with a hot cutter, I could simply hole punch out the disks.  That part would be easier.  But then...


Round disks, chandelier...Does anyone see where this could be going?  If you guessed a capiz shell pendant lamp, well, you're a strange person.  No one else could dream that up but me and you, weirdo.  It won't have that wonderful clinking sound that real capiz creates, but I'm confident it will look fabulouser than my half-baked Spunik plan.  I am able to pierce each "shell" with a pin, so that I can string them together, but I'm hoping to be able to simply glue them to a string.  This project is tedious enough without having to string together hundreds of circles together.  But super glue is only succeeding in affixing my fingers together.  So I may be doing quite a bit of stringing in the next couple of days weeks months. 


  1. very neat a fellow weirdo I would have thought of it eventually lol..nah seriously good luck and look forward to the outcome!



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