Sunday, January 27, 2013

Kid's Bedroom Carpeted and Wallpapered

Another room is papered and carpeted: the children's room.  We went bold with a large, crazy kitty cat wallpaper and fuscia carpet.  I think I will paint the rolltop desk, either pink or white.  I am also noticing that the doors need a frame.  The blue chair and cradle don't go, so I'll need a replacement chair at least.  This room still needs something, but what?  Only the bathroom needs flooring and wallpaper now.  I may make the May deadline afterall, baring any disasters. 


  1. I love the paper! Perfect for a kid's room! :D

  2. "This room still needs something, but what?"

    A few more toys on the floor? No kids room is that tidy.

    And I love the wallpaper!



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