Sunday, January 13, 2013

Master Bedroom Progress

Master Bedroom so far
My furniture in a 1970's
German advertisement
The future floor covering
I have two days before I have to return to work, so I am frantically trying to complete as much of my dollhouse projects as possible.  The majority of today I was at my daughter's school for her book fair and to volunteer during lunch.  So, I now have one and a half days.  Yikes.  Today, I worked on the master bedroom.  Oh, and I repaired much damage that Tootie Pie and her friend inflicted on the dollhouse when they started being silly and tossed the furniture around.  The chive flowers, of course, sustained critical injuries.  I have extra as back up for just such an emergency.

I found the make of the "Made in Hong Kong" furniture that I am using: it was made by Paul Kerkman for Modella.  The drawers on mine were red, so I papered them in the matching wallpaper, which is "gold on sea green mums" Lokta paper.  I'm still debating the bed, and so I swapped out the purple ETA math manipulative bed for the green, but I might spray paint that white, also.  I have printed the bedroom linens, and some were too turquoise, and the others I need to sew up tomorrow.  The floors are more messed up on the second level, so I am going to carpet them in  embossed felt, that I have to order.  Those with discerning eyes will notice that I took a photo of the children of the house, Calico Critters, and framed it.  I think it may be time to go back to work for real.  Here it is so far.

A shot of the corner...
...and of the modified sideboard


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